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RealGood Chicken

RealGood is a quality, affordable and healthy Namibian protein. It proudly brings friends and families together, stimulating local businesses and uplifting communities.

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NAM Chicken

A first for Namibia, NAM Chicken defines fresh. Until recently, most of Namibia's fresh chicken was imported, and even when advertised as "fresh" it took a number of days to get to families' tables. NAM Chicken is different, because it is farmed right here, in Namibia. The time it takes for the chicken to get to consumers is shorter. So when we say it's fresh, be assured, it's truly fresh.

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Brine Content

25% brine content, preserving products for up to 18 months.

All fresh Namibian chicken from around the HOEK! With 0% brine content and at 1-4 Degrees Celsius, it has a shelf life of up to 5 days!

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Chicken Diet

25% brine content, preserving products for up to 18 months.

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Fresher Alternative

With a distance of about 30 km outside Windhoek, our products are from around the HOEK! Making Real Good and NAM Chicken the only fresher alternatives!

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No Chemicals

When it comes to our chickens, we value chemically free, organic processing, thereby ensuring optimum freshness!

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Company Distribution

With 5 routes of distribution nationwide, we ensure that our depots in Keetmanshoop, Otavi, Ondangwa, Katima Mulilo and Walvis Bay, supply you with only the freshest Namibian chicken from around the HOEK!

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With just over five years of experience our distribution channel ensures that our products are assessable to our consumers. With delivery every 48 hours, we ensure that only the freshest Namibian chicken reaches you through our numerous registered outlets.

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Quality Over Price

Mass producing fresh quality chicken requires great financial maintenance. Our prices reflect the capital input that goes into the production process. By doing this we ensure that only the freshest quality chicken is produced, thereby placing quality over price, simply because You Deserve Better!

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Growing Demand

As the only local supplier of fresh Namibian chicken, we continually strive to meet current demand. With an expected increase in per capita, on the consumption of our products, we aim deliver more quality chicken one hatchling at a time.

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Natural Heating

We keep it green by naturally heating our broiler houses, thereby ensuring that our chickens are raised in the best environmental conditions.

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Low Carbon Footprint

Since inception our environmental policy at NPI has consistently adopted a low carbon footprint. For everything that we produce on the farm, we ensure 100% usage of our products.

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100% Utilization

Besides the fact that we produce the freshest Namibian chicken, here at NPI we believe in 100% utilization of our products. Chicken manure is used to produce fertilizer for a greener ecosystem, while feathers and other leftovers are used in the production of pet food.

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By keeping up with echo-friendly measures, NPI has joined the ranks of farms and factories that make a meaningful contribution to environmental conservation. NPI takes pride in keeping up with the set standards while preserving the environment by keeping it green throughout our entire production process.


Namib Poultry Industries Clinic Launch


Namib Poultry Industries reached yet another milestone when it launched its clinic on 19 November 2018. The inauguration was done by the NMI Group of Companies CEO, Mr. Ian Collard and on behalf of the Minister of Health and Social Services, Honorable Minister Bernard Haifiku, Permanent Secretary Mr. Ben Nangombe. Namib Poultry’s vision is to provide excellent poultry products to Namibia along with our mission of being the leading supplier of poultry products in the country and to create exceptional and sustainable prosperity for all our stakeholders.

The organization produces on average 1,850 tons of poultry products per month, enabling the company to significantly contribute to local value addition in line with vision 2030 of the Namibian Government as well as the domestic food security of the country. Namib Poultry industries remain committed to Namibia, This budding poultry project has created in excess of 650 full-time employment opportunities for Namibians. Ultimately an estimated 2,000 persons, through the household approach, are benefiting indirectly from employment at Namib Poultry.

The NMI Group of Companies CEO, Mr. Ian Collard said: "With this facility, we aim to provide quality health and social welfare services that are receptive to the needs of our employees. We firmly believe that occupational disease and illness can be prevented, provided that risks are properly identified, managed and controlled."

He further stated that: “This occupational health, hygiene and wellness centre will be aimed at preventing ill health, but also promoting good health and well-being.” Nutrition; Health & Safety and SME development remain strong focus areas for us as an organization. We are firm believers that health promotion and prevention should be encouraged in the workplace, its vital to invest in workplace health promotion programmes; By investing in these programmes, both employer and employee are benefiting in terms of health and economic benefits.

These programs can lead to increased worker productivity, reduced work-related injuries, enhancing workplace culture and morale as well as less absenteeism and better staff retention.

Ladies and Gentleman today is a special milestone for the group as Namib Poultry Industries has decided to undertake the building and creating of a health care facility to cater to the basic needs of our employees as part of our responsible business practices.

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